Changes to Windows Server 2016 licensing in Q3

Mon, 2016-01-11 09:33 -- Gemma.Wallace

With the 2016 release, Microsoft is changing the Windows Server and System Center license models from processors to physical cores. The change to physical cores aligns private and public cloud licensing to a consistent currency of cores that simplifies licensing of hybrid use cases. The core based license model will go into effect at the GA of the 2016 release in Q3/ fall of 2016. Licenses for servers with 8 cores or less per proc will be same price as the 2012 R2 two-proc license price.  Customers with processor licenses with SA can upgrade to the 2016 version. At the end of the SA term, the 2-proc licenses will be exchanged for minimum of 16 core licenses and customers can renew their SA on core licenses.